Lost Skulls Cigar Nubber


Skull design cigar nubber

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Those looking for a uniquely designed cigar nubber need to look no further! There’s nothing out there like this little guy…believe me we have looked! Skulls and twisting souls themed cigar poker is perfect for those of you that like to smoke cigars until your fingers singe. The cigar stick comes in a bronze or aluminum finish with a stainless steel poker and protective cap.

Overall dimensions:  5L x  1.5W x 1.25H (in inches)

About Our Cigar Nubbers
In the same vein as you would display a sculpture on a table or hang a beautiful painting on a wall, our cigar sticks are designed to compliment what should be your favorite pastime…smoking cigars. Compact and light weight,  these nubbers are a must have tool for anyone that enjoys smoking the entire cigar.

Product Care
The poker on the cigar sticks are very sharp and even though they include a protective cap that should never be left unintended around small children. As with any sharp instrument, please handle with care.

Additional information

Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 2 in


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